Life's hectic and you don't always get enough proper nutrients. We understand!

About us

SandBay IV Infusion Clinic is a bespoke wellness medical clinic enhancing clients’ wellbeing through natural and effective wellness solutions such as intravenous (IV) therapy. We offer IV Vitamin Therapy to help our clients achieve their wellness goals.

Our renowned IV vitamin infusions are tailored to the needs of our clients to provide rejuvenation while sustaining long term well-being.

SandBay IV Infusion Clinic is an IV vitamin therapy and lifestyle wellness facility that has taken traditional medical treatments and given them a modern twist. As your area’s premier IV therapy provider, we offer customized Drips and Boosters that maximize health, performance recovery, and wellness, all from our relaxing locations in Clearwater, FL.

Whether your needs are repetitive or preventative in nature, IV therapy is the only process that ensures 100% of its nutrients are absorbed.

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The process is easy. Simply book an appointment, and after a quick assessment with one of our healthcare doctors and professionals we can help you select the IV Drip and Booster Shot therapy that is right for you.

SandBay IV drip is to be used as a part of healthy lifestyle should not be substituted for exercise or balanced diet. Used in conjunction with this, it can help overall health and well being.